Expert advice on SAP Licensing coming your way





Reason 1

4 international SAP Licensing Experts discussing licensing topics

Reason 2

SAP Digital Access

Reason 3

SAP S/4HANA Migration


An Expert Panel Discussion about the most important items on the SAP License Manager’s list:

  • SAP S/4HANA Migration 
  • SAP Digital Access
  • SAP License Audits
  • SAP Negotiations

We will have 4 international experts from various backgrounds discussing the topics above and answering live questions.


We call for your participation and interaction, get the answers!

Send us your questions or topics that interest you most before the session.


Our Experts in the session are:

Thomas Baumgartner - eXpertaaS Inc.

Thomas Baumgartner has been a partner at eXpertaaS AG since 2018 and supports customers around SAP licensing, contract negotiations and optimisations. In recent years, he has supported many companies in particular in the contractual adoption of S/4HANA and its hosting variants (hypervisor vs. SAP Cloud vs. OnPremise). Prior to eXpertaaS Thomas held the positions of Global Director Software Procurement Services at SoftwareONE and IT Sourcing Manager at Swiss Life AG.

As an IT purchasing expert and specialised consultant with over 25 years of experience, he is very familiar with the current challenges of the customers.



Jeramy Tarwater - Anglepoint

Jeramy Tarwater has 11+ years of Software Asset Management experience. Prior to his time at Anglepoint, Jeramy was at SAP as a License Audit Specialist, performing numerous audits on a diverse list of SAP's most important customers. After which, he spent several years at KPMG where he built and managed teams in the SAM practice, with a specific focus and expertise in SAP software licensing.

Jeramy has worked on some of the most complex and important SAP licensing projects, where he helped numerous large organizations save and avoid millions of dollars in software costs thru software license audit defense, software license optimization, and software contract negotiations. Jeramy has a passion for helping companies of all sizes to develop controls and optimize their SAP software environment.



Mark Batrick - Forrester

With over 25 years of Software and SaaS negotiation experience, I coach businesses whenever they are faced with a new or renewal deal from any of the major software vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. I have been a software contract negotiation adviser for both Gartner and Forrester Research, and in my experience at least 8 out of 10 software deals can be improved by further negotiation and the negotiated cost savings are often substantial.



Francisco F. Hansen - VOQUZ Labs Group

Francisco F. Hansen is Managing Director of VOQUZ Labs in Mexico and US. He is leading the Americas operation and heading the advisory team. Previously he was partner at Arbedion and NUM3RUS, Sales at Gartner, CIO at Douglas Spain and IT Manager at Springer




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