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Our guide tells you what to really look out
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November 2022

Francisco Hansen


The SAP licensing world is constantly changing. Whether this represents a risk or an opportunity depends on how well you know your existing environment and your ability to effectively compare it with the sometimes confusing or even misleading options and offers. Probably the hottest topic at the moment is whether switching to “RISE with SAP” is a viable and cost-effective alternative to the existing on-premise situation. The question is: can you really rely on this messaging from SAP? A lot of money is at stake.


In this white paper, we discuss where the real focus of change lies, where expenses arise, and where hidden costs lurk. It is not primarily about the offer and what is included in detail - there are enough papers about that. Rather this is about what might not be included and subsequently where even apparently small differences between your demand and the package offer make huge differences in your TCO analysis.


VOQUZ Labs compares old license models with the new “RISE with SAP” subscription model, and brings its entire SAP licensing and environment expertise to provide you with a transparent assessment. Let us reveal here: it is definitely not as simple as it sounds in the SAP offer - as we all know, the devil often lies in the detail.




Understand the complexities of SAP’s S/4HANA and RISE offerings, and how to easily compare the various alternatives

Obtain a quick yet deep insight into the TCO of RISE with SAP

Learn how to effectively map your existing licenses to the S/4HANA and FUE licensing models at the best possible price


Flanking our flagship product samQ, our market-leading tool “visoryQ Business Case Builder for SAP contracting strategies” automatically provides the decision criteria and financial framework you need to prepare, visualize, and justify your decision-making about the future of your SAP ERP.



Francisco Hansen
Vice President, America
Francisco’s special field is the negotiation of SAP contracts, SAP licensing strategies and evaluation of license contracts in migration scenarios. He leads the business and advisory team in North and South America. His deep background in IT management and delivery combined with over 20 years of experience in virtually every industry makes him your top-level SAP solutions contact. Strategic birdview solution development? Then Francisco :)

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