Optimization of SAP license management at Klingele

The Klingele Group, headquartered in Remshalden near Stuttgart, is one of the five largest producers of corrugated base paper and packaging made of corrugated cardboard in Germany. The family-owned business was founded in 1920 and today has a total of 15 sites in both Europe and Africa. Klingele’s around 1,250 employees generated more than 360 million Euros in sales in 2014.


Background and Objectives

Before implementing samQ, the management of SAP licenses for different types of users has been carried out manu-ally. The authorization of users and license types were decided on the basis of the activity of each user. As the company grew, manually managing all of this information became increasingly confusing and difficult. Personal knowledge and Excel spreadsheets were no longer sufficient to permanently ensure proper licensing. “This is why we were looking for a software tool to help us,” said Oliver Schiessl, Head of IT at Klingele. The company has three SAP systems in use. In total, these systems are used by about 700 users. The efforts required to ensure software license compliance have steadily increased.In manually handling licensing, Klingele committed substantial staff resources to ensure a contract compliant approach to SAP licensing.

However, Klingele had doubts about being able to keep up with contract compliance permanently. Therefore, the goal was to automate the license allocation process using a suitable tool. The tool should provide Klingele an accurate picture of the license inventory and reduce internal administrative efforts.



Schiessl became aware of samQ through a direct sales contact. He first learned about the SAP license manager in a 1-on-1 web session before he decided to carry out a test installation in June 2015. „We always offer our customers the opportunity to test samQ within their own system. This is the only way customers can persuade themselves about the functionality and utility of the tools,“ project manager Peter Rattey explains. The installation was carried out within a day at Klingele in a quick and easy manner.



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The customer also received de-tailed advice about customizing options within the samQ software, so that they could exactly adapt the tool to their own company-specific conditions.After installing samQ, Schiessl tested various license constellations to see how the tool would respond. After only two days, Schiessl was convinced about purchasing samQ. At this moment, the tool was also able to continue to be used without any other set-up requirements or efforts. With samQ, customers receive a tool with which they can centrally manage and monitor their SAP licenses. The soft-ware checks on the activities of users across all connected SAP systems at periodic intervals. Then, samQ assigns each user to the correct license type based on the users’ executed transactions. Additionally, unused licenses are identified and inactive users are disabled. All of this is done automatically at your fingertips.

The result: a permanently optimized license inventory.In order to really get the most of samQ, Schiessl also completed a three-hour online training session from Mr. Rattey. To this he says, „I am impressed by both the tool and the competent support during installation and setup. We have recei-ved more than just a first-class tool. We also gained Mr. Rattey as a professional adviser who is profoundly engaged in SAP licensing. For me, this was the perfect total package.“For Klingele, samQ was particularly helpful in classifying SAP Limited Professional Users. Within a short time, Mr. Rattey and Schiessl were able to clearly document the types of licenses the company needed. Klingele could thus secure repla-cement rights for the now-defunct Limited Professional Users.We can be certain that the company is excited about collaborating with VOQUZ, because there has already been ano-ther joint project. And Schiessl is sure „that [they] will be happy to come again and again to VOQUZ in the future, if [they] need professional IT support.“

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