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The MEDIAN group is a clinic group based in Germany with currently 120 rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and care facilities and a total of around 18,500 beds. The group of companies employs around 15,000 people in 13 federal states with its headquarters in Berlin.


The starting point:
Healthcare priorities are clearly focused on patients and their wellbeing. In addition, social conditions are forcing permanent optimization and new adjustments so that existing funds can be used effectively. The IT area is often not the main focus. License management often had to cope with staff shortages, new contract situations and frequent staff changes.


It is definitely not surprising that at some point the time it was nearly impossible to penetrate the license situation meaningfully and combined with the increasing risk of an unfriendly audit by SAP, which sublicensing gladly acknowledged would results in high additional licence payments.


SAP IT Manager by MEDIAN Clinics, Moritz Eifler, found a solution. He wanted to use appropriate optimization software to ensure the necessary transparency, create compliance and minimize manual work effort.

Appropriate software is required for transparent license management

Moritz Eifler sat down with his team and discussed how they can cope with the currently unclear situation. Moritz Eifler’s good network in the SAP community and his many years of experience helped to clarify the current circumstances.


He was aware that a license optimization tool was on the market, which came from VOQUZ Labs and was distributed and supported by many partners.


This tool promised to automatically distribute the existing licenses compliantly and at the same time to provide information about whether licenses were too much or too little in your organizations own portfolio.


MEDIAN Clinics already had contacts with the company SIVIS, which sells software for SAP authorizations, roles and role concepts and who partners with VOQUZ Labs for the samQ licence manager. Through this close partnership of SIVIS and VOQUZ Labs, MEDIAN clinics was able to obtain the samQ Licence Manager.


Than donwload our recent reference story!

Impressive speed – installation, test, commissioning and regular operation

A samQ PoC should clarify whether the tool does what it promised. If so, a purchase was under discussion.


samQ as optimization software was quickly installed at the MEDIAN clinics and the first transparent look at the current license situation immediately made it easier and clearer.


The results were abundantly clear that the functionality supported the activities of license management and SAP IT team. MEDIAN Clinics SAP IT team was so impressed that the PoC was terminated prematurely and the installation of samQ went live immediately. Since then the samQ, operates at MEDIAN as the “License Manager”, it automatically does its work in the background, keeps the license landscape permanently transparent, compliant and reports licence alerts if such arise.


All three planned goals, transparency, compliance and reduction of manual workload were achieved in a very short time. All without time-consuming, expensive projects to implement.


Digital access – new problem?

Now that the parameters of the license distribution were transparently on the table, the next task emerged.

Digital Access, SAP’s new licensing topic, had not yet been dealt with due to other licensing problems that tied up any manpower and therefore the time simply wasn’t there to address thus new topic.


With samQ there were three clear advantages:

  1. samQ already provides the raw data for digital access and automatically determines the documents generated.
  2. Correspondingly MEDIAN’s manpower become free to support the evaluation.
  3. With their many years of experience, the VOQUZ Labs experts were able to generate quick and competent advice.


Within a very short space of time, many licence ambiguities that had been hidden for many years were resolved.


Together with the license consultants from VOQUZ Labs, the critical points were quickly identified and together with the MEDIAN clinics licence data a strategic concept was used to develop of how SAP should be approached and negotiated in relation to digital access.


Ultimately, the combination of software and competent advice was the key to success!

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